Canada Day 2015

June 30th, 2015 by CIVIX

This year marks Canada’s 148th birthday!

Canada Day celebrates the passage of the Constitution Act on July 1st 1867. Then known as the British North America Act, the legislation created the Dominion of Canada, a federation of four provinces – Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec.

The anniversary of this event was first celebrated on July 1st 1879 as Dominion Day. In fact, the holiday we now know as Canada Day was officially called Dominion Day until 1982.

Here are few interesting facts about Canada’s journey as a nation:

  • The name “Canada” originates from Jacques Cartier travels in 1535 and started appearing on maps by the mid 1500s. The story is told in a Canadian Heritage Minute
  • During confederation in 1867, other names were suggested for the new dominion, including: Anglia, Albionora, Borealia, Cabotia, Efisga, Hochelaga, Laurentia and Victorialand.
  • Sir Charles Stanley Monck was sworn in as Canada’s first Governor General on July 1st 1867 in Ottawa, Ontario.
  • In 1879, a federal law made July 1st a statutory holiday to honour the anniversary of confederation. 
  • In Newfoundland and Labrador, July 1st is also Memorial Day. Observed since 1917, the day commemorates the soldiers of Newfoundland’s 1st Regiment that died during the Battle of the Somme, on July 1st 1916. The province joined confederation in 1949.


Many events will be held to celebrate Canada Day across the country. Here are a few:

  • In Ottawa, Canada Day celebrations will run from morning to night. For a full list of events and activities, click here.
  • In Toronto, you can celebrate Canada Day at Mel Lastman Square with an evening of dance, music, family activities and fireworks.
  • In Vancouver, Canada Day festivities will take place at Canada Place. Click here for more information.
  • The City of Calgary has organized numerous events for Canada Day celebrations. Click here for the list of attractions and events. You can also celebrate Canada Day at the Alberta Legislature.
  • In Halifax, you can celebrate Canada Day at Halifax Harbour.

Visit your city or town’s website for more information on local events and celebrations.

Happy Canada Day!

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