How do you get 500,000 kids to vote?

August 26th, 2015 by CIVIX
Getting 500,000 kids to do anything is nearly impossible. Getting 500,000 kids to cast a Student Vote ballot is almost unbelievable.
As the summer winds down and the campaign fires up, every single second at CIVIX is spent preparing for the largest and most effective Student Vote program to date. Combined, our team has more than 85 federal, provincial, territorial and municipal elections under their belt and are excited to make this one the best yet.


But we don’t have to do it alone: a successful Student Vote Canada campaign is the result of a combined effort of local, regional and national partners that empower our effort inside and outside of classrooms across the country. Here’s a snapshot of how we’re being powered this election:
Elections Canada — This will be our fifth federal campaign working in partnership with Elections Canada. They support us through cash and in-kind commitments as our largest project partner. It’s a privilege to be working with the agency and receiving Elections Canada’s support also certifies CIVIX as non-partisan, which is absolutely essential when working with schools.
Education Stakeholders — From coast to coast to coast, and at the federal and provincial/territorial levels, CIVIX receives the support of Ministries of Education, school boards, principals’ associations and teachers’ federations to encourage registration for Student Vote and gain access to the school system. Most of these education stakeholders have been in support of Student Vote for more than a decade.
Media Partners — Kids love to see their votes publicized on television on election night, and in newspapers and online following election day. Much of this is the result of partnerships with major media outlets, and for this election we’re delighted to be working with The Globe and Mail as our content partner, and Twitter Canada as our new media partner. More information on these partnerships will follow in a few weeks.
Our Donors — We are a charity and we are powered by donations. It’s that simple. People believe in what we do and donate their money so that we can do it. We don’t have a single financier or foundation that causes our existence. We have to bring as many people to the table as we possibly can, at whatever amount they can muster, to keep CIVIX doing incredible work. It has been a privilege to welcome new individual donors to CIVIX this summer: Dick and Nancy Wilson, Jenn Sloan, Sante Tesolin, Ruth Cruden, Sheamus Murphy, Bob Weese, Karim Bardeesy, Jill Arthur, Lorna Marsden, Ron Graham, Peggy Nash, Joel Solomon and Linda Frum.
I hope this note gives you a sense of who powers us so that we can power schools this election.
Let’s Go Blue Jays,
P.S. In case you missed our first note from the first day of the campaign, you can catch up here.

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