New Staff Profile: Vicky Mochama

April 16th, 2014 by CIVIX

Hi, my name is Vicky Mochama. I am joining CIVIX as a Campaign Communications Assistant. I will be supporting communications for various Student Vote projects.

It was actually thanks to a civics teacher in my high school that I got involved in politics. I was invited to join the Model United Nations team in tenth grade and I loved everything about it from researching to making speeches to negotiating. Because of that experience, I believe that regardless of how old you are, everyone can have an opinion on political issues and has a right to have their opinions heard.

Vicky Mochame

At Carleton University, I studied communications and political science which let me combine my passion for politics with my love of popular culture. More than just watching MTV and writing about it (yes, yes, I did), I was also very involved on campus. I joined the Carleton Model UN Society ā€“ first as a delegate and then as president ā€“ and also helped organize Relay for Life.

In my spare time, I volunteer at the Revue Cinema in Roncesvalles as a volunteer coordinator. I like reading, watching movies and playing board games. Iā€™m a sore winner at Scrabble and a delighted loser at Twister.

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