New Staff Profile: Welcome Kate Fane!

April 17th, 2013 by Kate Fane

Kate Fane has recently joined CIVIX as the new Outreach and Communications Coordinator. Originally from Vancouver, she began her studies at Dalhousie University before graduating with an Honours degree in English Literature from the University of Toronto. Kate has always been drawn to the nonprofit sector, and has previously worked in marketing, fundraising, and communications for ArtSync, a multimedia organization promoting Canadian visual art, and the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, where she rediscovered her love of stargazing. As an avid reader and freelance writer, Kate has always been passionate about storytelling and is excited to share the CIVIX story with a national audience.   

Kate Fane

I’m Kate Fane, and I’m thrilled to be joining the CIVIX team. As the new Outreach and Communications Coordinator, I’ll be helping to implement the Student Vote Program in many Canadian provinces, as well as promoting the larger goals of CIVIX’s mandate across the country.

Politics was always a bit of a dirty word in my family when I was growing up in Vancouver. It was viewed as something personal, something private. Definitely something that shouldn’t be brought up in mixed company. I’m sure that my parents voted, but it was an occasional activity, effectively removed from daily life.

Luckily, many of my public school teachers didn’t share this attitude, and I still managed to emerge a reasonably well-informed adult in the end. My social studies teachers stressed the importance of civic engagement at the municipal, provincial, and federal level, and during the 2006 federal election, I was able to cast my own Student Vote ballot shortly before I turned 18.

In the years after my high school graduation, I moved across the country to attend university in Halifax, returned to British Columbia to work and save whatever I earned on travel, stayed in Montreal for a summer to brush up on my French skills, and finally settled in Toronto to finish my studies and start putting down roots. I know I’m incredibly lucky to have been able to see so much of this vast and beautiful country.

Kate Fane

And by seeing firsthand so much of Canada’s geographic and cultural variety, it was finally cemented for me how crucial it is that its citizens feel empowered by the democratic process. Without the participation of every Canadian, the government we receive will not truly represent the diversity of our population.

These are exciting and daunting times, both for Canada and the rest of the world. How our nation’s youth chooses to exercise their rights will have a direct effect on the country we become. I am overjoyed to be able to help young people feel enfranchised and empowered by participating in Canada’s democracy, and to help them know that their voice, and their vote, can truly make a difference.


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