Weekly Round-Up: April 4, 2014

April 4th, 2014 by Dan Allan

Each Friday, CIVIX provides a digest of the major events in Canadian politics.

Election update

Quebecers will vote in the province’s 41st general election on Monday. The latest polls suggest that Philippe Couillard’s Liberals have “widened their lead” over the Parti Québécois, led by current premier Pauline Marois. We aren’t running a program for this election, but Voters in Training (Électeurs en herbe) have registered 70,000 students for their parallel election.

Will Ontario be the next province to head to the polls? The provincial budget will reportedly be tabled on May 1st by Finance Minister Charles Sousa, potentially setting the stage for a June 26th election.

The New Brunswick provincial election will take place on September 22nd. This week, two Acadian groups filed a legal challenge of the new provincial electoral boundaries map claiming that their ridings used to be largely francophone, but now have a majority of anglophone voters. The new map will also reduce the number of ridings to 49 from 55.

By-election breakdown

Liberal Jim Karygiannis announced on Tuesday that he would be resigning as the MP for Scarborough-Agincourt after representing the riding since 1988. Karygiannis joins former MPs Ted Menzies, Brian Jean and Olivia Chow in waiting for their by-elections to be called by the prime minister.

The Newfoundland and Labrador riding of Virginia Waters votes on Wednesday in the provincial by-election to replace former premier and PC MHA Kathy Dunderdale. Dunderdale resigned in January and was replaced by Tom Marshall on an interim basis.

Leadership races

One Newfoundland and Labrador PC leadership candidate has been removed from the race over comments made on Twitter that violated party rules. Wayne Bennett, one of three candidates for the province’s top job, is accused of making racist comments; Bennett claims his account was hacked and will challenge the decision. Here again is our blog on why you should “think before you tweet.”

There are “still no contenders” for the Alberta PC leadership race, which will select the province’s next premier on September 6. Former provincial treasurer Jim Dinning is the latest potential candidate to decline entry to the race.

The week ahead

We’re presenting at the Columbia Institute’s ‘Food For Thought’ Civic Governance Forum in Vancouver tomorrow. There is still time to register, so hopefully we will see you there!

The 16th annual Saskatchewan Teachers’ Institute on Parliamentary Democracy begins on Saturday and we are excited to be attending. CIVIX President Taylor Gunn blogged about his great experience at last year’s SSTI here.

The Ontario Teachers’ Federation is celebrating their 70th anniversary! We’ll be taking part in their Silent Auction and Trivia Night at The Bram & Bluma Appel Salon of the Toronto Reference Library. There is still time to register if you think you can outsmart our team.

For ongoing updates, follow us on Twitter at @CIVIX_Canada.

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