Weekly Round-Up: August 28, 2015

August 28th, 2015 by Dan Allan

Each Friday, CIVIX provides a digest of the major events in Canadian politics.

Federal election update          

A Nanos poll shows the Conservatives, NDP and Liberals are “tangled in a three-way tie” for voter support, but a Forum poll suggests the NDP are “in reach of a majority.” But can we trust the latest polls? The Globe and Mail reported on how pollsters are trying to regain credibility for their industry after some “spectacular recent flops.”

CBC News reported this week that more than 22,000 federal inmates will be eligible to vote this October from behind bars. Are you registered to vote? You can check on the Elections Canada website. And if you are eligible, the National Post has put together a look at where your vote might count the most.

Debating the economy

Another new poll this week suggests that, despite balancing this year’s federal budget, the Conservatives have “lost their edge” on the economy. The NDP announced that they would not run a deficit to finance their election promises, but the Liberals will not commit to balancing Canada’s books should they come to power.

Will this new information impact how Canadians cast their ballots? A majority of Canadians support the idea of the federal government running a deficit to stimulate the economy, according to a new Nanos poll. The results of our 2015 Student Budget Consultation show that young Canadians favour a balanced budget. These fiscal discussions are getting underway at just the right time: the Globe and Mail’s leader’s debate focusing on economic issues is now less than three weeks away.

Student Vote stats

There’s still more than a week left until most Canadian schools return to session but nearly 4,000 schools have already registered for the 2015 Student Vote program. This includes elementary and secondary schools from every province and territory, and you can view them all on our interactive map.

Still looking for a good reason to register your class? Watch some ridiculously cute elementary students describe their Student Vote experience in our new video:

Pollenize launches

We’re very proud to support Pollenize Canada, which launched this week. Pollenize breaks down each of the parties’ platforms point-by-point and provides you the information you need to make an informed decision on election day. Check it out!

By-election countdown

Two provincial by-elections are set for next Thursday: Calgary-Foothills, in Alberta, and Simcoe North, in Ontario. Ontario PC leader is the favourite in Simcoe North, but a new poll shows a “tight race” in Calgary.

Advance polls continue today in both constituencies; visit the Elections Alberta and Elections Ontario websites for more information.

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