Weekly Round-Up: July 17, 2015

July 17th, 2015 by Dan Allan

Each Friday, CIVIX provides a digest of the major events in Canadian politics.

Federal election countdown

After a three-week hiatus, the Weekly Round-Up is back! And right on time, too, as there are now reports that the prime minister may have a “cunning” plan to call the federal election earlier than expected. The writ doesn’t have to drop for the scheduled October 19 vote until September 13, but many expect it could come as soon as early-August.

Over at the Ottawa Citizen, Kady O’Malley mused about the fixed-election date, and what would happen if the PM ignored it, and also offers a super handy guide to the upcoming leaders’ debates. In other federal news, the National Post created a fun election advent calendar, Global News looks at where your money goes when you donate to a party and the Globe and Mail released their new election simulator.

Youth engagement

A new report from the Broadbent Institute suggests that millennials aren’t apathetic – they just don’t trust politicians. Our friends at Samara and Apathy is Boring are quoted in this Global News article on the findings.

How can we change youth attitudes and engage them in the electoral process? Educators can start by registering their class for our federal Student Vote program. Nearly 3,000 schools have already signed up from across the country!

Canada’s premiers gather

Premiers from almost all of Canada’s provinces and territories met in in Newfoundland and Labrador this week to discuss several concerns, including aboriginal issues, energy and health care. This was the first Council of the Federation meeting for the recently elected Rachel Notley and Wade MacLauchlan.

By-election breakdown

Nova Scotia held three provincial by-elections on Monday, which many saw as the first real “test” for Premier Stephen McNeil’s Liberal government.

In the end, the Liberals won two seats (in Cape Breton Centre and Sydney-Whitney Pier), and the NDP took one (in Dartmouth South). Full results are available on the Elections Nova Scotia website.

Electoral reform

After weak turnout in advance polls for the by-elections, Premier McNeil floated the idea of a ranked ballot voting system, and possibly online voting. McNeil won’t act on changes during this mandate, and will consult with opposition parties before taking any action.

A plebiscite on electoral reform is likely to be held in Prince Edward Island next year, where voters will choose from three voting systems (including the current First-Past-the-Post). And in Ottawa, community groups are asking residents to discuss how the province’s municipal elections legislation could be improved.

Join our team!

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