Weekly Round-Up: October 16, 2015

October 16th, 2015 by Dan Allan

Each Friday, CIVIX provides a digest of the major events in Canadian politics.

Federal election countdown

Election day is Monday! Polls are open for 12 hours and you can find out where and when you can vote on the Elections Canada website.

Canadians casting their ballots Monday will join the 3.6 million people who already voted during advance polls last weekend. That’s a more than 70-per-cent increase in turnout over advance polls during the last federal election!

A last look at the polls

They say that ‘the only poll that matters is on election day,’ but it’s still always interesting to see the latest projections before the official results start streaming in.

The Globe and Mail’s Election Forecast favours the Liberals to win the most seats. The CBC’s Poll Tracker also shows the Liberals ahead and gaining support.

National Student Vote Week

Canadian adults aren’t the only ones casting ballots. This week, Canadian elementary and high school students from more than 7,500 schools are participating in Student Vote, representing all 338 ridings across Canada.

From Victoria to St. John’s, and Toronto to Yellowknife, more than 700,000 students will be voting in their schools on the official candidates running in their riding. Results are released at the close of polls on election night.


As part of the 2015 Student Vote program, we partnered with Canada’s national broadcaster for #CBCAsks this week. High school students from five cities across Canada were invited to express their issues, concerns and hopes about the federal election.

These events took place on Wednesday and Thursday of this week – just days before the federal election – and featured CBC personalities like Matt Galloway and Adrienne Pan joining students in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Toronto. You can follow the conversation online through the #CBCAsks hashtag.

For ongoing updates, follow us on Twitter at @CIVIX_Canada.

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