CIVIX is a non-partisan, national registered charity building the skills and habits of citizenship among young Canadians. Our vision is a strong and inclusive Canada where all young people are ready, willing and able to contribute to their country.


CIVIX provides experiential learning opportunities to help young Canadians practice their rights and responsibilities as citizens. Instead of studying about democracy, they experience it first-hand with pertinent issues in real-time.


Young Canadians need and deserve a solid base of interest, knowledge and experience to inspire their citizenship.  Without it they will continue to stay away from political participation, public policy and voting.  With it, they will determine the future of Canadian democracy.


CIVIX is conducting Student Vote parallel elections for the Alberta municipal and school board elections and the Nunavut territorial election in the fall of 2017. Elementary and secondary students will learn about the electoral process, engage in the campaign and cast ballots on official local candidates. Educators can register now.