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The articles provided below are intended as a supplementary teaching aid, and are merely a suggested starting point for additional independent research. We encourage students and educators to continue their examination of topical news by consulting a variety of news sources, including local and independent media outlets. To further offer a variety of perspectives on topics, some of the links included below are editorials (labeled “Opinion”). 

Please note: These articles and editorials are not endorsed by CIVIX nor do they represent the views of the organization.



NAFTA vs. USMCA: What we know so far about the new North American trade deal (The Globe & Mail, October 1, 2018)

Going meatless: Prairies shoot for ‘total world domination’ in growing field of plant-based proteins (Financial Post, November 28, 2018)

Fall economic statement sets target of 50 per cent export growth by 2025 (CBC News, November 21, 2018)

Fall Economic Statement Unveils 3 New Tax Credits To Save Canadian Journalism Industry (Huff Post, November 21, 2018)

ANALYSIS Eye-roll nation: Why our sympathy for economic pain often stops at provincial borders (CBC News, November 29, 2018)

OPINION GM’s closing is a warning shot: Canada’s not ready for the age of disruption (The Globe & Mail, November 27, 2018) 

OPINION General Motors’ decision isn’t just business – to Oshawa, it’s personal (The Globe & Mail, November 28, 2018)

OPINION Media frenzy overstates significance of GM’s Oshawa plant closure (The Globe & Mail, November 28, 2018)



Ontario to scale back climate change goals (The Globe and Mail, November 29, 2018)

World faces ‘impossible’ task in new round of climate talks (The Globe and Mail, November 28, 2018)

Quebec group sues federal government over climate change (The Globe and Mail, November 26, 2018)

Most Canadian cities are not prepared to cope with climate change, study finds (The Globe and Mail, December 2)

OPINION It’s time for an exit strategy from oil and gas (The Globe and Mail, November 28, 2018)

OPINION Moe’s hypocritical posturing on carbon tax has residents stuck in the middle (CBC News, October 26, 2018)

OPINION Carbon tax is a sin tax not nearly high enough to force change (CBC News, October 26, 2018)


Global Affairs

Trudeau says Canada could freeze Saudi arms contract over Khashoggi killing, but it’s ‘very difficult’ (National Post, October 23, 2018)

Canada imposes sanctions on 17 Saudis linked to Jamal Khashoggi killing (The Globe and Mail, November 29, 2018)

Canada condemns Russian aggression in clash with Ukraine (CBC News, November 26, 2018)

China criticizes new North American trade deal (The Globe and Mail, October 4, 2018)

OPINION Why Canada cares – a lot – about that UN Security Council Seat (The Globe and Mail, November 30, 2018)

OPINION Our considered silence on Saudi Arabia is no better than Trump’s brazen acquiescence (Montreal Gazette, November 27, 2018)


Parliamentary Affairs

Ontario MPP Amanda Simard quits PC caucus after cuts to francophone services (The Globe and Mail, November 29, 2018)

Ontario NDP putting forward motion to reinstate French services (CBC News, November 27, 2018)

As handgun crimes go up, Liberals and Conservatives disagree on remedy (The Globe and Mail, November 25, 2018)

Gun violence a ‘significant concern’ for Canadians and government must deal with it, Bill Blair says (The Globe and Mail, August 9, 2018)

Liberal MP’s name came up in wider police probe into money laundering: CP source (CBC News, November 28, 2018)

OPINION On French Language Services, Ontario can learn from Ireland’s mistake (Montreal Gazette, December 3, 2018)

OPINION If you care about English in Quebec, stand up for French in Ontario (Montreal Gazette, November 29, 2018)

OPINION Protecting English rights means keeping our school boards (Montreal Gazette, December 3, 2018)



Canadians giving up necessities, going into debt to pay for prescriptions, study finds (CBC News, November 20, 2018)

Toronto’s Sick Kids hospital preparing policy for euthanasia for youth over 18 that could one day apply to minors (National Post, October 9, 2019)

Canada’s ban on the use of trans fats in food products is now officially in effect (National Post, September 17, 2018)

Not enough fruits, vegetables grown to feed global population a healthy diet: study (Globe and Mail, October 25, 2018)

OPINION The hard sell on pharmacare (Globe and Mail, December 3, 2018)

OPINION Why Canada’s employers should back national pharmacare (Globe and Mail, July 23, 2018)


Immigration & Refugees

Ottawa urged to reunite Yazidi refugees with their families to help treat rare disorder (Globe and Mail, December 2, 2018)

‘Let’s go to Winnipeg’: How one immigration program is credited with attracting 130,000 people to Manitoba (CBC News, November 15, 2018)

Quebec’s Coalition government makes good on promise to cut immigration (City News, December 4, 2018)

Federal government launches campaign to boost support for immigration (Toronto Star, December 3, 2018)

OPINION Budget officer finds illegal migrants entering via a ‘loophole within a loophole’ (National Post, November 29, 2018)

OPINION The border just became an election issue (The Globe and Mail, November 29, 2018)


Indigenous Affairs

Feds, Indigenous groups agree on $1.7-billion spending plan for child care (The Globe and Mail, September 17, 2018)

Ottawa to hand over child welfare services to Indigenous governments (CBC News, November 30, 2018)

Igloolik children covered in sores because of black mould in public housing unit (CBC News, November 22, 2018)

Indigenous women still being coerced into sterilizations across Canada, Ontario senator says (Globe and Mail, November 11, 2018)

OPINION The perpetual motion machine of specific claims made by First Nations (Globe and Mail, June 21, 2018)

OPINION The specific claims process is about justice for First Nations, not charity (CBC News, July 11, 2018)


Media, Online Security, and the Internet

Next Canadian federal election will be target for Russian meddling: Sajjan (CBC News, November 18, 2o18)

Fake-news patrolling may be next big Internet boom: Ryan Holmes (Financial Post, November 28, 2018)

Province-by-province: How much Canadian families spend online, and what they buy (Global News, November 28, 2018)

Canadian democracy at ‘mercy’ of Facebook manipulation, Tory MP warns during inquiry (CBC, November 27, 2018)

Facebook used as tool to incite violence in Myanmar: Canada’s envoy (iPolitics, November 9, 2018)

OPINION Government funding won’t damage journalists’ independence. It hasn’t before (National Post, November 26, 2018)

OPINION The Liberal government’s meddling in media independence has just begun (National Post, November 23, 2018)