Elementary Lessons

Title: Provincial Election Candidates (April 2018)

Summary: In this lesson, students consider the qualities they look for in their Member of Provincial Parliament. Students learn about how representatives are elected in provincial elections. Looking at Ontario electoral district maps, students will analyze the size of districts and representation, and take an in-depth exploration into their school’s district. Afterwards, students discuss which issues matter to them and develop questions they want to ask the candidates in collaboration with the peers. In the culminating activity, students reflect on what they like or dislike about the candidates.


Title: Campaign Communications (April 2018)

Summary: In this lesson, students investigate the provincial election process in Ontario and how election campaigns work. As a class and within groups, students dissect and analyze various political party communications or advertisements. After reviewing each group’s work, students evaluate the strengths and limitations of each party’s campaign strategy and evaluate which party or candidate they support and why.


Title: The Provincial Voting Process (April 2018)

Summary: In this lesson, your students review essential information about voting in provincial elections in Ontario. Afterwards, they practice voting and counting ballots through a mock vote. In the culminating activity, students demonstrate their knowledge of voting by creating an instructive pamphlet or poster, which can be shared with a parent, guardian or an adult they know, encouraging them to vote.


Title: Political Parties in Ontario (April 2018)

Summary: In this lesson, students are introduced to the concept of voting by moving around their classroom to express their viewpoint on specific issues. After reviewing the concept of political parties, students work in groups to research one of Ontario’s political parties. Each group prepares information about the party’s vision, leader and platform. In the culminating activity, students think critically about their personal criteria and decide what they liked most and least about the leaders and parties.