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Government and Democracy

What is government? What are the different types that exist around the world? What system do we use in Canada, and how does it work?

The Right to Vote

What are our rights and freedoms? How has the right to vote in Canada changed over time? What obligations come with our rights?

The Levels of Government

What are the levels of government in Canada? What are the responsibilities of each level? Who is the elected representative at each level?

Parliamentary Democracy in Ontario

What is a parliamentary democracy? How do the three branches of government work? What matters is the provincial government responsible for?

Elections in Ontario 

What are elections? What is an electoral system? How do election campaigns work?


Elementary Slide Decks: 

  • Slide Deck 1: Rules and Government [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 4: Rights and Responsibilities [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 5A: Who Am I? [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 5B: Levels of Government [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 10: The Voting Process [PPT]
Secondary Slide Decks:

  • Slide Deck 1A: Values, Beliefs and Perspectives [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 1B: Political Ideologies and the Political Spectrum [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 2: The Political Spectrum [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 3: Government and Democracy [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 5: Levels of Government [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 6: Provincial Government [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 7: Rights and Responsibilities in a Democracy [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 9: Objectives and Results [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 10: Elections in Ontario [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 11: Elections in Ontario [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 12: Democratic Participation [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 12B: Electoral Participation Research [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 13: The Voting Process [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 15A: Budget Basics [PPT]
  • Slide Deck 15B: Ontario’s Expenditures and Revenues [PPT]