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September 20th, 2017 by CIVIX

Ivanka Trump commits $1 million to CIVIX

That’s #fakenews.

This isn’t: Google Canada is supporting CIVIX and the Canadian Journalism Foundation to design and deliver a news literacy program for students. The announcement was made today and covered by the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star and the Canadian Press.

The program will provide school aged Canadians with the tools and skills to find and filter accurate information online and promote an understanding of the role of journalists and news organizations in ensuring a healthy democracy.

News literacy has been a priority for CIVIX and a mainstay of our Student Vote program since its inception. In the summer of 2003, before our first election, Lindsay and I drove throughout Ontario in her grandmother’s car to meet with the editors and publishers of nearly every single regional daily newspaper and negotiated with them to distribute free newspapers to schools participating in Student Vote to promote media consumption. 

But times have changed and the ways in which we consume and share news have fundamentally changed with social media and an abundance of information on numerous platforms. There is a need to help kids develop the knowledge and capacity to filter, sort and critique what is coming at them from every angle.

This is a challenging project in challenging times, and we will give everything we have to make this effective and successful.

Thanks for letting me be in touch about our efforts, and I hope to have more for you soon.


Taylor Gunn
President & CEO

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