New Staff Profile: Conor Holash

November 6th, 2013 by Conor Holash

Hey there! I’m Conor and I’m very excited to be starting with CIVIX. I’ve joined the team as a Communications Coordinator and have hit the ground running in more ways than one. After a few interviews with Taylor, our co-founder, I packed up my life in Ottawa and found myself in the CIVIX office the next day. Almost immediately, I started working with Taylor to expand our Rep Day initiative that puts Members of Parliament face to face with an incredibly important constituent demographic: high school students.

Politics and civic engagement have always been important topics in my family, and I’d have to say that my interest in them came from my parents. We’d have long discussions during long road trips to visit family members scattered around my home province of Saskatchewan. These conversations left me surprised when I got to high school and realized that not everyone gets exposed to these important topics in their youth.

Conor Holash

This is why the Rep Day initiative has been a passion project for me. Rep Day ensures that students are given the opportunity to talk politics and to put a face to their local representative.  It essentially gives them a reason to care. This hits especially close to home for me. If I hadn’t been interested in politics, I would have missed out on a lot of the opportunities that brought me to CIVIX.

After finishing high school, I moved to Ottawa to work as a Page in the House of Commons and have been hooked ever since. From that time I’ve worked a number of different jobs on Parliament Hill that have all focused on teaching other people about our country and how it’s governed. Once I looked up CIVIX and the Student Vote program, I knew right away that it’d be a good fit. I’m excited to see what comes next!

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