Provincial and Territorial Legislatures return for the fall session

October 25th, 2012 by CIVIX

This week, several provincial and territorial legislatures returned for the fall session.

Today, the Saskatchewan legislative assembly reconvenes to open the second session of the 27th legislature. Saskatchewan celebrated the 100th anniversary of its legislative building earlier this year. In May, the legislature hosted the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall in celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

In Alberta, the fall sitting of the first session of the 28th legislature began on October 23rd. In August, the province organized a day of festivities to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Alberta’s legislature building. In 1906, the 21 acres on which the legislature was built was purchased from the Hudson’s Bay Company at a cost of $4000 per acre.

MLAs from Alberta and Saskatchewan met with students in their electoral districts in preparation for their return to their respective legislatures last week as part of our MLA Day program. Students asked questions and highlighted a wide variety of issues of importance for MLAs to bring back to their legislature this term.

Also convening today are the Yukon and Nova Scotia legislatures. Nova Scotia’s House of Assembly is the oldest provincial legislature, having first sat in 1758. Nova Scotia was also the first province to exercise responsible government among the colonies of the British Empire in 1848.

In The Northwest Territories, the legislative assembly reconvened on October 17, and will be adjourned on November 8th. The legislature of Nunavut also reconvened on October 23.

In Ontario, the legislature was recalled early on August 27th. However, Premier Dalton McGuinty announced on October 15th that the Ontario provincial legislature had been prorogued and that he was resigning, after serving 9 years as Ontario’s premier and 16 years as party leader. The legislature will likely reconvene in February 2013 after a new Premier has been selected.

In British Columbia, the fall sitting of the provincial legislature, which was scheduled to begin October 6, was cancelled by Premier Christy Clark. It was confirmed that the legislature will be recalled in February 2013.

The Quebec National Assembly will sit on October 30th. The legislatures of Prince Edward IslandManitoba, and New Brunswick plan to reconvene on November 13th, November 19th, and November 27th, respectively.

Updated: The Newfoundland and Labrador House of Assembly will reconvene on November 19th.

Federally, the House of Commons reconvened on September 17th.


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