The Student Budget Consultation at TD Christian High School

December 16th, 2014 by Dan Allan

Kamrin Ward is a Grade 10 student at TD Christian High School in Vaughan, Ontario. Kamrin is participating in this year’s Student Budget Consultation program. She wrote a blog for us about her experience.

Hi, I am Kamrin; a Grade 10 student that is part of an environmental program at my school. I have always been interested in politics and the social aspects and issues in Vaughan and throughout the world.

Kamrin leads a class discussion as part of the Student Budget Consultation

In civics class, I have learned so much about voting, political positions, looking at the different levels of government, what’s going on in our country, and so much more. Now, we are starting to learn more about the federal budget by participating in the Student Budget Consultation.

My part of the project is to answer everyone’s questions about the whole program and supervise the survey that will take place during class. I will also review the questions with my class in advance to make sure everyone understands the questions and we’ll discuss their different views. As part of leading my class in the consultation, myself and other classmates are using the videos, PowerPoints and handouts to teach the class and lead small group activities.

Kamrin leads a class discussion as part of the Student Budget Consultation

Another project that I was responsible for was the Student Vote. I was the deputy returning office and supervised a poll clerk and the scrutineer. The Ontario Municipal Student Vote was a great experience for me because I got to test and work on my organizational skills. I have always wanted to know about how people accomplished the voting process. I thought that being in charge of this project would be the perfect way to gain my knowledge in this topic, so, I took on the challenge.

I have learned so much about civics over these past couple months and I can’t wait to see how I am going to be able to apply it to my everyday life; whether it be during class or after I graduate high school. Having a civics program in school makes me, and other students, feel involved in what is going on in our city, province, or even around the world.

We visited Kamrin’s class at TD Christian last week and you can watch our recap video here:

You can also view photos of the Student Budget Consultation at TD Christian High School taken by student Evan Kim here.

You can learn more about the Student Budget Consultation on the project website. Educators can still register their class(es) to take part in the new year.

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