MLA Day is a civic education program that aims to foster a relationship between Saskatchewan’s youngest citizens and their elected officials.

The program will provide students with an opportunity to meet with their elected representatives in school, pose questions and dialogue about provincial political issues to help define the legislative agenda in the upcoming fall session.  As the session progresses, MLAs will be able to continue the relationship by communicating with their partner schools to share ongoing updates with students.

By bringing together students and their elected representatives to dialogue about issues they face, MLA Day will contribute to the development of trust between young citizens and their elected representatives.


These are some materials for our teachers currently participating in MLA Day:

Lesson: Preparing for the Dialogue (Saskatchewan) – PDF

PowerPoint: MLA Day (Saskatchewan) – PowerPoint

Handout: Federal, Provincial and Municipal Responsibilities (Saskatchewan) – PDF

Handout: Structure of Government in Canada (Saskatchewan) – PDF

Worksheet:  Investigating Government in Canada (Saskatchewan) – Word Document


Column for MLA Day students by Murray Mandryk – “Preparing for a return to the legislature”


Results from Student Vote Saskatchewan 2011


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