Rep Day is a nationwide civic education initiative that connects elected representatives with high school students for a dialogue on current political issues. Rep Day aims to break down the stereotypes that young people have of politicians and the political process, and develop a better understanding of and a sense of trust in the people and institutions within our democracy. 

We know that some teachers have been conducting in-school visits with their elected representatives for years. However, we also know that teaching is an extremely time consuming job, and we want to offer additional resources and support to assist in this type of activity.

It is our hope that by increasing the frequency, scope and quality of the visits, we will encourage an ongoing dialogue between young people and their elected officials.


Register for Rep Day

Please visit or contact [email protected] if you would like to register for the Winter 2020 program. 


Learning Resources

CIVIX has developed learning resources to help you prepare for and organize your Rep Day event.