Self-Directed Student Activities: 

To help your students prepare questions for their Member of Parliament, CIVIX has adapted our lesson plans for self-directed learning. These can be downloaded and shared with your students to complete. 

Lesson One – Elected Representatives & Federal Elections 

Part A: Community Decision-Making [DOC]

Part B: Elected Representatives [DOC]

Part C: Federal Elections [DOC]

Educator Resources: 

CIVIX has developed two lesson plans to help prepare students for a visit with their Member of Parliament.

The first lesson focuses on reviewing the role of elected representatives, how they are elected, and becoming familiar with their riding and MP.

The second lesson reviews the divisions of responsibilities across different levels of government and fosters discussion about national political issues.

Each lesson is supported by videos, handouts and activity sheets. Please use or adapt as you see fit. 

If you have any feedback or questions, please contact our team at [email protected] or 1-866-488-8775.

Lesson 1: Elected Representatives

  • Lesson 1: Elected Representatives [PDF]
  • Activity 1.1: What Would You Do? [PDF]
  • Video: “CIVIX Explains: Elected Representatives” [YouTube]
  • Slide Deck 1: Elected Representatives [PowerPoint]
  • Video: “Federal Elections” [YouTube]
  • Activity 1.2: My Riding, My Member of Parliament [PDF]
  • Activity 1.3: “House Inspection” (A Report by Samara) [PDF]


Lesson 2: Political Issues

  • Lesson 2: Political Issues [PDF]
  • Handout 2.1: Government Responsibilities [PDF]
  • Video: “The Speech from the Throne explained” [YouTube]
  • Video: “Throne Speech: What comes next?” [YouTube]
  • Video: “Throne Speech Highlights” [YouTube]
  • Activity 2.2: 3-2-1 Exit Card [PDF]


  • Rep Day — News Bank [News Bank] (regularly updated with relevant media articles)