Current Projects

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Student Vote New Brunswick 2018

In partnership with Elections New Brunswick, CIVIX is organizing a Student Vote parallel election for elementary and high schools coinciding with the New Brunswick provincial election on September 24, 2018. Students from throughout the province will learn about provincial government and the electoral process, research the parties, candidates and issues, and cast ballots for the official local candidates running in their school’s electoral district.

It is the first-ever provincial election Student Vote in New Brunswick. More than 15,000 students are expected to participate.

Learn more about the project: Student Vote New Brunswick

Ontario Provincial Election

CIVIX organized a Student Vote parallel election for elementary and secondary schools coinciding with the Ontario provincial election on June 7, 2018. The Student Vote project for the 2018 provincial election was made possible by Elections Ontario.

Between May 31 and June 7, students took on the roles of election officials and organized a parallel vote using the materials provided. The ballots were counted by each school and reported to CIVIX.

As of 4:00p.m. (ET) on June 7, 2,166 schools had reported their election results, representing all 124 electoral districts in the province. In total, 280,691 ballots were cast by student participants; 268,091 accepted ballots, 7,103 rejected ballots, 2,562 declined ballots and 2,935 unmarked ballots.




One of the most urgent issues facing democracies today is the spread of ‘fake news.’ Being able to determine what is fact or fiction online has become an essential skill of citizenship in the digital age.

Launched in 2018, NewsWise is a news literacy program for students in Grades 5 to 12. Its mission is to help students cultivate habits of news consumption and critical-thinking that support informed citizenship.

To learn more, visit or contact

Student Budget Consultation

The Student Budget Consultation provides youth with an opportunity to learn about the government’s revenues and expenditures, discuss important political issues and suggested policies, and offer their insights on the priorities of the upcoming federal budget. The opinions of students are collected through a survey and the results are shared with the Department of Finance

Educators will receive informative and engaging resources and easy-to use lessons plans, including:

  • BUDGET BASICS – Learn about the budget basics through a series of non-partisan animated videos outlining the Government of Canada’s revenues and expenditures.
  • YOUTH VOICES – Listen to young Canadians share which issues matter to them and explain how they could be addressed in Budget 2018.
  • PARTY PERSPECTIVES – Compare the ideas and budget priorities of the five parties represented in the House of Commons.

This project is made possible due to financial support received from the Government of Canada.

View the 2018 Student Budget Consultation results online here.

Rep Day 2017

Rep Day is a nationwide civic education initiative that connects elected representatives with high school students to encourage dialogue on current political issues. Rep Day aims to break down negative stereotypes that young people have of politicians and the political process and for students to develop a better understanding of and sense of trust in the people and institutions within our democracy. 

Please contact if you would like to register for the 2017-2018 program, and we would be happy to work towards organizing a visit from your MP into your classroom this school year.