CIVIX programming focuses on the themes of elections, government budgets, elected representatives, digital media literacy and civic discourse.

Student Vote

Student Vote uses an election as a teachable moment and enables teachers to bring democracy alive in the classroom. The activities are intended to inform students about government and the electoral process, encourage research into the choices, and foster discussion among students and their families. On Student Vote Day, students cast ballots for the official candidates running in their school’s electoral district. The results are shared publicly after the general election.

Student Budget Consultation

Student Budget Consultation is a unique program that combines civic education and financial literacy. Students learn about the process of budgeting, examine the government’s revenues and expenditures, and explore current issues facing the country and different political perspectives. In the culminating activity, youth offer their own opinions on the priorities of the upcoming federal budget. The results are shared with the Department of Finance and all federal political parties.

Rep Day

Rep Day connects students with their elected representatives for a virtual or in-person meeting. Rep Day aims to break down negative stereotypes that young people have of politicians and the political process, and help them develop a better understanding of and sense of trust in the people and institutions within our democracy. Students are invited to share their concerns and engage in discussion about current issues.


CTRL-F is a digital media literacy program developed to help students identify false and misleading information online, and locate credible sources. Named for the keyboard shortcut for ‘find,’ CTRL-F teaches quick, evidence-based strategies for evaluating the reliability of sources and claims.


CIVIX’s newest program, PoliTalks, aims to cultivate the knowledge, attitudes, and skills to participate constructively in political discussions. The activities help students practice active listening, perspective-taking, and respectful self-expression skills, and build relevant contextual awareness.

Democracy Bootcamp

Democracy Bootcamp is a professional development conference for teachers designed to improve their democratic engagement and delivery of CIVIX programming. By sharing an insider’s look at campaigns, exploring research and trends, and introducing new tools, Democracy Bootcamp enhances teachers’ capacity and commitment to civic education.