Who We Are

CIVIX is a non-partisan, national registered charity building the skills and habits of citizenship among young Canadians. Our vision is a strong and inclusive Canada where all young people are ready, willing and able to contribute to their country.

CIVIX was born through a merger between Operation Dialogue and Student Vote – two non-partisan organizations with a significant history of engaging Canadian youth.

Student Vote was founded by Taylor Gunn and Lindsay Mazzucco in 2002 to develop the capacity for informed and engaged citizenship among young Canadians. Student Vote  parallel elections were organized for students under the voting age coinciding with official elections.

Operation Dialogue was established by the late Warren Goldring of AGF Management in 1999.  It was formed to promote good citizenship through information and dialogue with the goal of enhancing each individual Canadian’s appreciation of our country. Its flagship program was the annual ‘Talk About Canada Quiz,’ which encouraged young Canadians to be more informed about their country.

Operation Dialogue and Student Vote aligned their strengths and assets and worked together to achieve a larger vision. Following a collaborative approach during 2011-2012, the organizations formally merged operations in 2013 and created CIVIX.

Since 2013, CIVIX has continued to run the Student Vote program and has developed exciting new programs to reach students between elections.

CIVIX Team Members

Dan Allan, Research and Communications Manager – dan@civix.ca
Mike Doylemike@civix.ca
Frédérique Dombrowski, Communications Coordinator – frederique@civix.ca 
Taylor Gunn, President and Chief Election Officer – taylor@civix.ca
Diana MacVey, Operations Manager – diana@civix.ca
Lindsay Mazzucco, Chief Operating Officer – lindsay@civix.ca
Catherine McDonald, Director of Québec and Francophone Communities – catherine@civix.ca 
Adelina Petit-Vouriot
, Program Manager – adelina@civix.ca
Abhi Saini, Research and Program Development Officer – abhi@civix.ca

CIVIX Board Members

Peter Donolo
Vice-Chairman, Hill+Knowlton Strategies Canada

Michelle Mackenzie
Principal, Back Staff Strategic Solutions

Michael MacMillan
Samara Canada; Closson Chase

Bob Medland

Chris Wilkins – Chair
CEO, Edge Interactive