More than 13,000 elementary and secondary students participated in Student Vote Toronto, coinciding with the 2023 mayoral by-election.

After researching the candidates and issues, and debating the future of their city, students cast ballots for their choice for Toronto’s mayor.

As of 6:00pm today, 13,444 total votes were reported from 126 schools throughout the city, including 11,934 valid votes, and 692 rejected and 818 declined ballots.

  • Olivia Chow received 23.4% of the vote.
  • Xiao Hua Gong received 21.1% of the vote.
  • Ana Bailão received 10.5% of the vote.
  • Mark Saunders received 6.5% of the vote.
  • Mitzie Hunter received 6.1% of the vote.
  • Brad Bradford received 4.4% of the vote.
  • Chloe Brown received 3.4% of the vote.
  • Josh Matlow received 3.4% of the vote.
  • Anthony Furey received 1.4% of the vote.